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Free Tree Giveaway

Greater Sydney households are eligible for a free tree.


Thank you for your interest in the 2022 free tree giveaway. We’ve received an overwhelming response to applications for free trees in August and there is currently no more stock available.

The giveaway is expected to reopen next month.

If you’re planting a tree(s) outside of the giveaway, register it to make it count. Every tree planted gets us one step closer to one million trees by the end of 2022.

Register your trees

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We will contact you when more free trees are available:

image of man and boy planting a tree

2022 free tree giveaway

We have partnered with IndigiGrow to provide a selection of edible and non-edible native tree species to residents in Greater Sydney during winter. IndigiGrow is an Aboriginal owned not-for-profit nursery in La Perouse.

In August, we gave away up to 3 native edible trees to 1,000 households in our partnership with IndigiGrow.

Please register above to be notified about the next giveaway.

How do I claim my free trees?
  1. Create a Planning Portal account or log in with your MyServiceNSW details.
  2. Once in the Planning Portal you may be taken to a page that says, “Nothing but space” or a see a blank screen. Click on the blue box with three lines in the top left-hand corner of your screen or on the + (plus sign).
  3. Click on ‘Free Tree Application’.
  4. Complete the form including:
    - selecting which tree(s) you wish to claim. Please note you must select your tree from the drop-down list
    - filling in the address field: we suggest that you start by typing your street name, and continue typing until your address appears. If you don’t select your address from the drop-down box, ‘Your property is not eligible for a Free Tree’ will appear.
  5. Click ‘Submit’. Once submitted you will receive a confirmation email.
  6. Wait for IndigiGrow to email you letting you know your tree(s) are ready to be collected.
  7. If you’re experiencing issues when completing your free tree application, please email [email protected]
I have already claimed a free tree(s). Can I order another? 

If you have already claimed a tree in 2022: No, you cannot apply for another free tree at this time.
If you claimed a tree in 2020 and/or 2021: Yes, we hope your tree(s) are thriving and we are keen to support you again in 2022.

What happens if I miss out on free trees?

If you miss out, you can register your interest on this webpage via a webform. People who register will be notified on the day the giveaway reopens.

We also encourage everyone to plant trees outside of the giveaway.
Your local nurseries, garden centres or tree stockists have a great variety of trees to choose from. 
More trees mean more privacy, more shade and cleaner air. You can register the trees you plant on our website

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