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Free tree

Development Assessment

Free Tree Initiative

Greater tree canopy in Western Sydney.

The Free Tree initiative makes more native trees available to new homeowners in certain Western Sydney locations. Eligible households get a $40 voucher to choose 1 x 300mm or 3 x 200mm native trees from Bunnings.

For eligible households who apply by 15 June 2020, free delivery will be provided. This is to ensure households can stay safe at home during the COVID-19 pandemic.

How to claim your Free Tree voucher

  1. Click Apply now to create a Planning Portal account
  2. In the Planning Portal, click ‘New’ to complete your Free Tree application – have your CDC ready for this
  3. Eligible households will get their Free Tree voucher

Apply Now for your Free Tree

Am i eligible for a Free Tree voucher?

You are eligible if you answer yes to all of the following:

  • You have a complying development certificate issued after 1 January 2018
  • Your CDC was issued for a new residential house. It does not apply to alterations and additions to existing houses, or to granny flats.
  • Your home is in one of the following LGAs:
    • Blacktown
    • Camden
    • Campbelltown
    • Hawksbury
    • Liverpool
    • Penrith
    • The Hills
    • Wollondilly

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More information 

The Free Tree Initiative is part of the Greenfield Housing Code which will speed up the delivery of new homes in greenfield areas (new release areas) across NSW to meet the needs of the State’s growing population and improve housing affordability.

The Greenfield Housing Code includes a requirement for a tree in the front and rear yard of each new home approved under complying development, and the NSW Government is offering a free tree to help families in Western Sydney establish a garden for their newly built home.

By increasing the number of trees in greenfield areas, this initiative will help to reduce urban heat in Western Sydney. More trees will complement new homes, produce cleaner air and increase shade in summer, raising the quality of life for homeowners while improving property values over time.