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The assessment process

Validity of the certificate and changes to the project

BASIX certificates are reviewed by Council and checked during the building process.

BASIX certificate validity

  • A BASIX certificate is valid for 3 months, prior to submission to council or accredited certifier.
  • Once your BASIX certificate is lodged with the council or accredited certifier it is valid for the maximum life of the development application. 
  • If your BASIX certificate is not lodged within 3 months you will need to generate a new certificate. This will incur additional fees. 
  • Tip: To avoid additional fees we recommend the BASIX report function is used until your design is finalised and ready for lodgement.


  • If you have made changes to your project, then you will also have to update your BASIX certificate. This will mean completing another BASIX assessment and printing a new certificate. There is no additional charge to revise an issued certificate, if it relates to the same property and project recorded on the original certificate. It must also have been lodged or be valid to be lodged.
  • The commitments that you make for your project (as shown on the BASIX certificate), must be noted on the plans.
Last updated: 14/09/2022