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BASIX Certificate

The BASIX sandbox tool

We are developing a new BASIX tool which is integrated to the NSW Planning Portal.

The BASIX sandbox tool is a new beta version of the BASIX tool which is integrated into the Planning Portal.

We are developing the new tool in stages (as outlined below) and plan to launch it in late 2022. The new tool includes the higher proposed energy and thermal performance standards.  





Single dwellings only

Dec 2021


Release 1 + multi-dwellings

Early 2022

If you would like to participate in testing of sandbox tool, please submit your application by 23 December 2021.

Contact us

As there is a limit on the number of sandbox tool users, please submit only one application per company.
What areas of the BASIX sandbox tool are you interested in testing?
Total no. BASIX assessments you have completed to date (using the current BASIX tool):
If selected:
I agree to spend a minimum of 10 hours testing the BASIX sandbox tool.
I agree to provide feedback to the Department on my testing of the BASIX sandbox tool.