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Do I need approval?

Many types of home renovations and minor building projects don't need approval from a Council or accredited certifier. These types of projects are called exempt development. As long as the building project meets specific standards and land requirements no planning or building approval is needed.

Find out if your planned renovation or building project is exempt development using our Interactive Buildings tool.

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Do I qualify for fast track approval?

If your proposed development or renovations are complying development they qualify for a fast track approval process.You'll need to apply for a complying development certificate (CDC) through your local Council or an accredited certifier but it does mean you avoid a full development application which takes longer.

Find out if your building project qualifies as complying development at the Electronic Housing Code website where you can also lodge your application.

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Development applications through Council

If your proposed building work or renovation is neither exempt nor complying development you’ll need to submit a development application through your Council. Dependent on Council policy, the Council will publicly exhibit the application, and then make a decision on it. Application forms can be found on council websites.

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Renovator's Checklist

We’ve put together this checklist of some of the things you may need to consider when planning renovations.

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