A Statement of Environmental Effects (SEE) is a written report that outlines the likely environmental impacts of a development application and must be submitted with your development application to council.

A Statement of Environmental Effects details:

  • How the application will comply with council's development control requirements (how the development will blend with the existing character of the locality),
  • The steps that need to be taken to protect your neighbours (from being overlooked or having their views interrupted for example),
  • The steps taken to protect the environment or lessen the expected impacts of the proposed development, and
  • Written information that cannot be readily shown on a plan or drawing.

All development applications, except those for designated development, require a statement of environmental effects to be submitted with the application to council.

For proposals that are likely to have a negligible impact, interior alterations and certain minor residential building work (not relating to a heritage item or a property in a heritage conservation area) only a brief statement is required.

For more information on preparing a Statement of Environmental Effects, contact your Council.