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BASIX forms can be downloaded from this page.

BASIX forms can be downloaded from this page. Click on the link of the form you wish to download and save the form to a folder on your computer. Open and complete the form using Acrobat Reader or Acrobat Professional*.

Once downloaded you can complete the forms using your computer.

Click on the:

  • Save button to save a form for completing when convenient;
  • Clear button to delete all information entered on a form;
  • Print button to print a form;
  • Submit button to send the the form via email to [email protected].  A dialog box will open asking you how you would like to send the form, via your default email application (eg Microsoft Outlook, Apple Mail etc) or by using Webmail (eg Gmail, Hotmail etc). Select whichever you prefer.

Attach any other documents required to the email before sending.

The Heritage Alternative Assessment Application form requires signatures. You will need to:

  • print out this form; have it signed; and,
  • either scan it and attach it to an email to [email protected]; or,
  • send it by mail to BASIX, Department of Planning and Environment, GPO Box 39, Sydney, NSW 2001.

 *If you open the forms within a browser window (ie Google Chrome, Firefox etc) you may experience difficulties completing the form. You will be able to fill in fields and print the form; however, you may not be able to save or submit the form. Download the form to your computer and open using Acrobat Reader or equivalent.


Last updated: 01/05/2024