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Help and Training

Council resources

Resources for each of the services designed to assist council staff.

To help council staff users to use the NSW Planning Portal we have compiled a comprehensive collection of resources.

Before you begin

We have prepared quick reference guides to help first-time users and those wishing to gain access to the NSW Planning Portal.

If you have yet to register for an account or are having problems with registering, then this quick reference guide will help you through the process.

QRG: Registering for the NSW Planning Portal

Frequently asked questions about using the NSW Planning Portal are answered on our FAQ page.

Using Council services

Council Quick Reference Guides

We have an extensive collection of quick reference guides (QRGs) for council staff users, which are currently available on the NSW Planning Portal via our Knowledge Management system. To access these, simply login to the Portal using your council login and then select the Knowledge Management tab on the left-hand side of the dashboard.

If you are a council certifier, you may find the information you are seeking in the Certifier Quick Reference Guides folder in Knowledge Management rather than the Council Quick Reference Guides folder.

QRG: How to use knowledge management

Spatial Viewer

The NSW Planning Portal Spatial Viewer is an enhanced digital mapping service that provides easy-to-use, information-rich maps for every address and lot in NSW.

QRG: How to navigate the ePlanning Spatial Viewer

FAQs: ePlanning Spatial Viewer

Further assistance

If you require assistance using the Planning Portal, and you were unable to find the answer on these pages, please contact ServiceNSW for assistance.

Call 1300 305 695 or email [email protected].