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SSD process

Early Consultation

Identifying what must go in the Environmental Impact Statement

Prior to lodging a development application (DA) for an SSD project, the applicant must consult with the Department.

The purpose of this consultation is to clarify what approvals are required, identify what information must be included in the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS), and determine what community engagement must be undertaken by the applicant during the preparation of the EIS.

Following consultation, the Planning Secretary will issue the environmental assessment requirements (SEARs) for the EIS.

To obtain SEARs, the applicant must lodge a request and Scoping Report online.

The Scoping Report must:

  • describe the project
  • identify the relevant strategic and statutory context
  • summarise the results of any early community engagement
  • identify the scale and nature of the impacts of the project
  • outline the proposed approach to assessment and community engagement.

The Department will publish the Scoping Report online and seek advice from the local council and other Government agencies about what should be included in the SEARs. It may also visit the site.

The SEARs will be published online within 28 days of the publication of the Scoping Report.

The Planning Secretary may revise these SEARs at any time.

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