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SSI Process

Exhibit EIS

Giving the community a say on the merits of an SSI project

Community participation is an essential part of the State significant infrastructure (SSI) process.

The Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for an SSI project must be exhibited for at least 28 days.

This acknowledges that SSI projects are large, complex and can have major economic, environmental and social impacts and gives the community a right to have a say on these projects before any final decision is made.

The Department will publish the EIS online and seek submissions on the merits of the SSI project.

It may also advertise the public exhibition of the EIS in newspapers, notify relevant Government agencies and meet with key stakeholders to get a better understanding of community views on the project.

During the exhibition period, anyone may make a written submission on the SSI project.

These submissions should be made online.

People may also subscribe to the Department for updates on the progress of the SSI application