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State Significant Development

Prepare EIS

Condong Cogeneration Plant - Recovered Timber Fuel

Tweed Shire

Current Status: Prepare EIS

Interact with the stages for their names

  1. SEARs
  2. Prepare EIS
  3. Exhibition
  4. Collate Submissions
  5. Response to Submissions
  6. Assessment
  7. Recommendation
  8. Determination

- Continue the currently approved operations
- Permit the receipt, temporary storage & combustion of ~120,000 tpa of recovered timber fuel
- Upgrades to existing fuel storage area, boiler, flue gas treatment system & ash collection system

Attachments & Resources

Request for SEARs (1)

Cape Byron Power_Scoping Report_Final 20210520

SEARs (3)

Issued SEARs Cover Letter
Issued SEARs - Final
Govt Authority Input to SEARs_

Project Details

Application Number
Assessment Type
State Significant Development
Development Type
Electricity Generation - Other
Local Government Areas
Tweed Shire

Contact Planner

Sally Munk