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SSD Modifications

Response to Submissions

Modification 3 Penrith Glass Recycling Volume Increase


Current Status: Response to Submissions

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  2. Prepare Mod Report
  3. Exhibition
  4. Collate Submissions
  5. Response to Submissions
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Seeking approval to increase the capacity of the glass recycling facility by 75,000 tonnes per year to enable it to accept and process up to 150,000 tonnes of glass waste per year

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Early Consultation (1)

Visy Penrith Glass Recycling Scoping Report

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Visy Penrith - SSD5267 MOD3 report_equipment&throughput

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EPA Comments on SSD-55267-Mod-3
Letter to DPIE regarding SEARs for Penrith Gl
Letter Out - Visy Penrith Glass Beneficiation - Mod 3
Penrith Glass Plan Modification
EPA response to SSD-5267 Mod-3 - 31.01.2023docx
Penrith Glass Recycling Facility - SSD-5267-Mod-3
WaterNSW Response - Penrith Glass SSD-5267-Mod-3
20211221 - TfNSW Response - SYD21_00550_01
Penrith Glass Recycling (SSD-5267-Mod-3)


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Penrith City Council
PENRITH , New South Wales
Sandra Lonsdale
CRANEBROOK , New South Wales
I have read the submission and I strongly object to any increase in volume.
My house is the closest residential property to the site, with all bedroom windows directly facing Penrith Glass recycling located at 126 Andrews road Penrith.
I have previously been severely impacted by non compliance of their EPA operating license in the past, which was reported to the EPA and should be in their records.
I was never compensated for the years of non compliance that affect my health, sleep, my employment and my life.
My objections relate to any increase in audible / acoustic noise that will impact my sleep, health, employment and lifestyle within my home.
Between February and August 2022 , this factory was emitting a loud high pitched vacuum noise 24 hours a day 7 days a week. During this time period I was unable to have any windows or doors open within my home for ventilation and fresh air. Even with doors and windows closed this noise could still be heard within my home.
I also object to any dust extractors being located on the eastern and northern sides of the building. This would increase noise and I am concerned about the fine glass dust particles pollution that will impact my property and also the sporting fields on the eastern side of factory. These glass dust particles are a health hazard not only to myself but also to the children and young adults who use the sports fields.
I am also concerned about the increase in trucks accessing Penrith Glass recycling at 126 Andrews road Penrith.
Andrews road Penrith does NOT have the infrastructure in place to cope with additional trucks.
I have constant problems with trucks using the median strip on Andrews road Penrith, at the entrance to the sports fields as a truck rest stop. A majority of these trucks are seen entering 126 - 128 Andrews road Penrith . Trucks parking here, re enter the road at a dangerous point at the T intersection of Andrews road and Laycock st.
I am also objecting to this sites production time from Monday - Friday with maintenance on Saturday being changed to Monday - Saturday with maintenance on Sunday.
Currently, the noise levels from Penrith Glass recycling on Saturday’s can be compared to a construction site from 6am to 6pm.
This would be unacceptable to move this maintenance work to Sunday’s with this noise level.
I pay my rate taxes to Penrith Council so I can live in an environment that is healthy and liveable.
If this project is approved, my home will become unliveable!
Peter Haggarty
CRANEBROOK , New South Wales
I have travelled Andrews road for the past 40 years. In that time the road has not been maintained to meet the ever changing environment, being either commercial or residential traffic. I believe that during it's long association with our local community and the recycling plant has been a good corporate citizen.
The road is a major arterial feed for heavy trucks to local heavy industry as well has heavy trucks feeding other sites. The location of heavy truck access to the site 8s located on or close to a bend and the intersection at Laycock Street.
I believe that Andrews road requires a significant up grade before any more heavy vehicles are allowed to use it
Sydney Water Corporation
PARRAMATTA , New South Wales
Thank you for notifying Sydney Water of SSD-5267-Mod-3. Please see attached response.


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