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Submission for: Snowy 2.0 - Exploratory Works


Michael Measday

Talbingo, New South Wales



PURPOSE: To provide a number of options in relation to the proposed
limited use of "Talbingo Dam Spillway" during Snowy 2.0 exploratory
work and construction.

BACKGROUND: On 8th August 2018, at a community information meeting it
was confirmed that access to "Talbingo Dam Spillway" (the spillway)
would be severely restricted (including temporary, full or partial
restrictions) during the exploratory work and construction of Snowy
2.0. The restrictions were identified as having a high likelihood of
detrimental effect on the township of Talbingo, NSW, for residents,
community and local businesses. Talbingo is extremely reliant on
tourism, hence the anxiety expressed by the businesses and holiday
rental home owners which rely on tourism in Talbingo. In peak seasons
(i.e. Christmas through to January and Easter periods) the spillway is
also used extensively by water skiers and boat crews as there is not
enough space at the boat ramp area for all the boat traffic. The boats
of course have to be launched at the boat ramp and then the skiers and
crews used to either travel by boat or road to the spillway. Many
boats and crews will simply travel across or up the dam and try to
find a clear area for the day's activities. Many locals and visitors
also use the buoyed section as a safe swimming area.
The Talbingo community recognises that the spillway is a vital part of
the plan for Snowy 2.0 and that Snowy has every right to use this area
as necessary.


* That Jounama Pondage (part of current Snowy Hydro system - Tumut 3)
is unavailable for any additional public use, especially swimming and
other aquatic activities including boating;

* The sealed access road to the boat ramp will not be affected by any
road closures during construction;

* The current boat ramp and car parking facilities are first class,
and, except for brief periods in peak times, provide a safe and
convenient area for a substantial number of cars and trailers.

* The area adjacent to the south of boat ramp is user friendly as
Snowy has previously provided serviced garbage bins, toilet
facilities, two covered picnic tables and a serviced gas barbecue.
This area has several problems however as it is a relatively small
area (approx.. 100 meters long) and the base where the boats are tied
up is very rocky which can be dangerous for boat hulls and for people


1. The existing area adjacent to the south of the boat ramp be
extended around the bay to include a buoyed off, safe swimming area
with a pontoon (to account for dam level fluctuations and provide
similar features to the current spillway site). I see this swimming
area to be between the existing area ( ie.. the natural corner of the
bay), and the proposed extension around the bay (below);

2. This area be extended around the bay to facilitate at least as many
mooring spots as are available now with corresponding recreational
foreshore. To address the safety aspect, this area is already subject
to a 5 knot speed zone.

3. The base of the mooring area be substantially improved so as to be
suitable for mooring and disembarking. (Perhaps crushed gravel or, in
a perfect world, sand.)


1. The provision of an effective alternate site would enable the
current spillway to be solely utilised for the purposes of Snowy 2.0
exploratory work and construction which would be far safer and more

2. An alternate site would minimise any disruptions for the Talbingo
residents and visitors alike;

3. Enhancement of the current boat ramp area would be a lasting legacy
after project completion and would assist in engendering good will
amongst the Talbingo Community and add to the tourism appeal of
Talbingo Dam.