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Submission for: Snowy 2.0 - Exploratory Works


Owen Bennetts

Talbingo, New South Wales


I fully support Snowy 2.0 Proposal as it has been been investigated to be
included into the hydraulic system for many years as the water can be
reused on both sides of scheme being pumped back up diverted through
the portal back to Eucumbene and used down the Murray System or back
through the tumut side. The only issue that I see that will have some
impact is not of any environment impacts as they all all be covered
off especially as SHL are working Closely with the National Parks The
major issue that I see is the spillway access to the public for
revenue from boaters and campers to the town. People don't realise
that spillway was built for a purpose and would be an operational area
and can be shut down by SHL at any time.They also don't realise that
Talbingo Dam is a High risk dam and is inspected every day and could
be shut down at any time if some kind of fault is picked up from the
data from daily inpections The spillway does not get used by vistors 8
months of the year and boat ramp also does not have much traffic for
that Time So possibly to over come some of the concerns of a some of
businesses in town not the Progess association as it seems to me they
are just using this to get back at Snowyhydro to open Jounana Dam
which Iam also pleased to see a definite decision should put an end to
as over half the people in this town did not want it open. The boat
Ram was built nearly 50 years ago and accommodated all traffic but
with the increased of these large ski boats these day the need a good
ramp and parking area which talbingo dam does not have and to take a
boat to the spillway they are still supposed to launch at the Ramp .So
if the Ramp area was widened the toilet bbq area extended possibly
around to the point with a swimming area barried of in between it
possibly could solve all their problems. Snowy hydro has 8months of
the year to move all the equipment with hardly any traffic only 4
months to manage barge or transport movements and some possibly could
be done at night. Snowyhydro sponsors the main events that bring good
income to our club which is nothing to do with Talbingo Dam. The shop
and Garage current do well from Snowyhydro. Jounama dam was very low
in the summer months for air space for high generation if it was open
to the public what would SHL have to put up with it the tourists all
turned up with their non motorised crafts to find no water and full of
mud. All other towns in Snowy Valley Shire have swimming pulls in
their Towns Khancoban just had $500,000 spent on it
Tumbarrumba.Batlow, Adelong and Tumut Towns all have one except
Talbingo which may be another proposal Thank You At the meeting the
other Day only 1 person put his hand up to say he was against Snowy