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Submission for: Snowy 2.0 - Exploratory Works


Brian McIntosh

Bonegilla, Victoria


My family and three other families, a total of 23 of us, travel to
Talbingo every Christmas for a minimum 7 days to water ski only on
Talbingo Dam. We also regularly do weekend trips to ski on what I
believe is the most pristine waterways I have ever skied. During the
last 10 years of traveling to Talbingo, it has become evident that
without the huge influx of visitors to the area during these times,
the viability of the small businesses within Talbingo would not
Recently I was notified that the potential exists for the closure of
the Talbingo Dam access ramps and spillway area due to proposed
exploration works for the Snowy 2.0. I am concerned that this will be
extremely detrimental to the Talbingo Dam users and ultimately the
small business community of Talbingo Township. I am concerned that
once these business are lost to the area, they will not return.
Without access to Talbingo Dam our group will not travel to Talbingo.
During the proposed works access for Talbingo Dam users must be
maintained, and works programmed to operate outside of the peak user