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Submission for: Snowy 2.0 - Exploratory Works


Richard Poll

Tumut, New South Wales


To Whom it may concern,
The snowy 2 project is a great thing, but i have concerns about the
public access to Talbingo Dam, once the project has started.
I have heard that there will be a barge running up the Talbingo dam
from the spill way side of the dam and that access will be closed to
the public, is this going to be a permanent thing, like the closing of
the power station at Talbingo, was suppose to reopen to the public but
never did.
There are a huge amount of people that use the Talbingo dam in the
summer time especially, i have seen the car park that full at the dam
wall that you cannot find a park.
If the dam is closed to the public, all the people that come to
Talbingo and stay at the caravan park & the other rental house ect and
spend money in the local community, this will be all lost and then
what do the people of Talbingo do.
Fair enough if the access to the dam is limited for sometime but don't
close it to the public full time, there needs to be more answers,
Why is it that there are meetings at Cooma about the project, but not
at the heart of where thing are going to be happening and are going to
be affecting a township, half the people that sit in offices making
these decisions, wouldn't even know where Talbingo was, maybe they
should get out of their office and take a drive and come visit and you
would see how beautiful the town is.
It will be good to see this project go ahead, but some serious
consideration should be give to the people, businesses and Towns
affected by it.