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Submission for: Snowy 2.0 - Exploratory Works


Doug Gibson Electrical Contractor

Talbingo, New South Wales


As a contractor in Town and have accommodation for rental I would love to
see this project go through.I am president of the country club,
treasurer of the Fishing club, own a ski boat and a fishing boat.I am
fully supportive of Snowyhydro as I contract also for them their
safety systems and environmental policies make sure that all us
contractors carry out our work to a high standard to meet all safety
and environment requirements. The subject of Talbingo Dam spillway and
barge movements I can not see too much of an issue if few things are
changed up there. my family and grand children plus all their friends
ski there when ever they are here. The barge size that are going to be
used are not much bigger than a Large murray River Paddle Steamer
about the same length but a bit wider. If the Boat ramp was widened as
in full boating season we have trouble now and all boats are supposed
to be launched there even if they do travel accross to the spillway.
If the parking are was changed and the toilet block area was widened
people would not want to even take their boats over the other side as
at present they have to unload their cars and transport all their gear
to the other side and the only reason for that is no room on that
side. A lot of boats take their families up the lake as there are
areas up there skiers can use
. There is a lot of negativity amongst a group of people in town
instead of being proactive. Most people that are against these works
going ahead do not have a boat and do not swim and in general do not
go near the place and have not been speaking on behalf of of the Town.
The spillway is only used in swimming and boating season which is
mainly Xmas and new year holidays and weekends even in the peak skiing
periods the boats mainly come into town on weekends or holidays A
round from the boat ramp if you had a large dozer ,excavator and a
couple of tip trucks you could largen the area without too much
trouble and include a swimming area. I read in the local paper where
Head of SHL has made it clear that Jounama Dam will not be opened I am
glad that a decision is now clear because most of the town are sick of
listening of issues 50 years ago .