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Submission for: Snowy 2.0 - Exploratory Works


Talbingo Supermarket

Talbingo, New South Wales


Our business comprises 4 full time employees and we have started putting
casuals in the last 3 months, all the owners come from professional
backgrounds prior to purchase of this business back in 1989 and still
utilise the knowledge that had been gained in the individuals
professions in the operation of todays business. We believe that 29
years of operating this business and living in the Talbingo community
puts us in the correct position to make accuratre comments in regards
to the proposed Snowy Hydro 2.0 Explority works and beyond how it
would impact on our business.

With the proposed works due to start late 2018 through to mid- late
2019 on the Talbingo spillway site and the proposed works to the south
along Talbingo Dam we anticipate extra business trading and
opportunites that can create more employment in our business as well
as creating new business post explority works that would continue on
in the township.

We have noted as discussed the various restriction that may apply to
the navigation on Talbingo Dam while barge moments are happening and
acknowlege Snowy Hydro in offering the perhaps replication of the
existing swim area to new location to offset public access to areas
with an open community support mechanism ie help with new assets and
or infrastucture in our township. ie refurbishment of walk path and
trails to minimise pedestrans on roadways; assistance in NBN
infrastucture, passive health and exercise equipment for community and
visitors, establishment of a post Snowy 2.0 tourism campaign to help
negate any unforseen downturn in local tourism. Post 2.0 construction
of the swing bridge to cross Jounama pondage would open up massive
opportunity to all year round outdoor pursuits in areas to our West.
At the end of the day the businesses in our community are driven by
tourism all year round.
These would be the positives and outcomes needed for our town to
In conclusion we are in favour of the chance to be part of Snowy Hydro
expansion as we move forward to bring opportunity to the next new
players in our business.