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Submission for: Snowy 2.0 - Exploratory Works


Talbingo Lodge

Talbingo, New South Wales


I am writing to Express my concern about the restrictions and closure of
the access the talbingo reservoir. I have moved here to run this
Talbingo Lodge with my family, and I'm concerned if the boat ramp is
closed that I will have to aswell.

The tourism that the dam brings in summer keeps the businesses in
Talbingo running. Without access to the boatramp I will lose more than
half of my patrons and most likely be forced to close and loose
everything. Fishing boating and waterskiing in talbingo will just stop
with what is being proposed.

I would like to suggest to not close the boatramp but to share it, and
keep it open to public in busy times. I would like to be told in
advance and publicly when it will be shut and between what times. An
alternate swimming area could be made for public use. I also propose
that the t3 power station be reopened for public viewing to bring more
tourism to the area.

I would like to work with the snowy and provide meals and
accommodation for the workers. I am looking forward to the project
happening and the influx of workers in the town. I am happy to help
wherever I can.

Yours thankfully,
Stacey Harris