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Submission for: Inland Rail - Narrabri to North Star Phase 1


Henry Schneebeli

Moree, New South Wales


Moree needs another bypass to get the trucks from the Carnarvon - and Gwydir Highways out off residential areas and School zones. In 2005 I suggested to the then Council to try and keep the needed land free from development. The best East-West route goes from the Terry Hie Hie turn off straight SW and crosses the old Inverell rail line. Then it follows the rail line on the southern side west, crosses the Inland Rail and the Newell Highway, passes the Amaroo Tavern and follows the old stock route to join the Gwydir Highway again west of town. About 10km of new road. Sadly Council let the western stock route go to an aboriginal land claim, not earmarking it for a future bypass. This should be reversed, at least for the area the road would need. Building a bypass further south, would make it at least 5-10km longer through more flood prone good agricultural land, an extra distance every truck would have to travel in the future.

With Inland Rail having to put an overpass in for emergency vehicles, it would make more sense to plan to put it where the intersection of the Gwydir Highway and Newell Highway should be, just north of Bullus Drive.This would benefit more people. It would take away traffic from the Alice Street rail and highway crossing. There would be no harvest trucks having to wait for the long trains to pass and blocking the highway and it would give Council an incentive, not to plan for a second rate, more expensive southern bypass. I would stop almost all trucks having to use level crossings in the area.