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Submission for: Angus Place Extension Project.


Emirates Hotels Australia Pty Ltd

Sydney, New South Wales


Please see below correspondence on the matter to the Premiers' Department earlier this year, our position still stands:

On a very different matter that is of even greater concern:

Angus Place Colliery is planning on dramatically increasing their holdings.
Please see their plans attached. Map is from Department of Planning website.
They are going to take out the area between Wolgan and Carne Creek (LW 1001 - 1019).
This is the colliery on your right hand side on Wolgan Road, a few km's before The Gap and into our valley.

There are a number of concerns:

1 In the past 2 months Wolgan River has dried up as well as the swamps above Wolgan Falls which feed Wolgan River. Some of that might be due to recent lack of rain, but I assume it is not just the dry weather but new cracks in the catchment area from expanding mining operations from Angus Place colliery
2 Also, there are the construction works (new bore holes, power lines, pipelines and access roads) being undertaken at the moment in the area of Sunny Ridge Road (off Blackfellows Hand Road). This activity resulted from recent approvals for long wall mining expansions into the Carne Creek catchment area - - - this is our water supply and the lifeline of the Wolgan further down.
3 Carne Creek is the wonderful creek that runs from the World Heritage Area through our property from South to North, connecting with Wolgan River that runs West to East. Carne Creek has been described by researchers from the University of Western Sydney as:'one of the cleanest and pristine water sources in Australia'. It is a wonderful resource to have and we have seen a dramatic return of wildlife in the past 4 years that rely on Carne Creek: platypus, lace molitors, lizards, various fish and yabbies' etc etc.
4 Carne Creek is also our only source of water when we do not have enough rain to fill our tanks - as we have seen the past 5 months.

Also attached are 2 pictures that I have been able to lay my hands on to show the scale of their plans:

The first picture is at around GR 379 053. The old pine plantation has been totally cleared and there is a flat area without any trees surrounded on most sides by an earth wall about 2m high. The area is probably 200m x 200m; there is also a spot with some concrete foundations for a structure being built.
The second picture is detail of a much more extensive area nearby, totally cleared of all living matter, about 500m x 500m, with huge drilling rigs, buildings etc on it, at around GR 375 055. This area is above the Wolgan River which is about 500m to the W.
There are also new pipelines being put in the ground along the road.

Jaymes, I am raising serious concerns about these operations and I oppose the plans - mining in the Carne Creek catchment area is highly contentious and in my view greedy. It WILL affect the 100% pure water supply to Carne Creek and rob this world class resort from a secure and clean water source as well deplete a valuable conservation resource.

May I ask you to raise this with the Premier as well as the Department of Planning and Mining/Resources minister. The restrictions and conditions that will be applied for this will be too loose and impossible to enforce - it needs to be stopped.

Kind regards,


Joost Heymeijer
General Manager │Emirates Wolgan Valley Resort & Spa
T: +61 2 63501810 M: +61408604421 E: [email protected]