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Submission for: Angus Place Extension Project.


Quarry Mining

Beresfield, New South Wales


Quarry Mining is a supplier of drilling consumables for roof support to underground coal mines throughout Australia's east coast. This submission shows our support of both the Angus Place and Springvale coal mine expansion projects. Quarry Mining has a long history with Centennial Coal and have been supplying their mines since the late 1980's. Quarry Mining hold in high regard our relationship with Centennial Coal and the value it places on ensuring loyalty to local businesses, in particular who manufacture high quality products in Australia. Both their support of the Australian manufacturing industry and their commitment to a high standard of product demonstrates their pledge to responsible business practices. Centennial involves Quarry Mining in extensive R and D projects to ensure products are not only fit for purpose but are of the highest quality safety standards, allow for the best usability possible and are achieving efficiencies in terms of time and cost savings across the group.
The longevity of coal mines in Australia is critical to our economy. To have a company like Centennial who are dedicated to world class environmental and sustainability standards operating these mines is a supreme advantage. Centennial operations create safe jobs in unavoidably hazardous conditions for local people not only through direct employment but also through deliberate efforts to involve local suppliers of high quality products and services of the many and varied products and services that are necessary to operate a coal mine. The jobs that result indirectly allow local business not only to exist, but to grow and improve and continue to ensure Australia as a world class economy.
For Quarry Mining alone, Centennial supports the equivalent of approximately 8 full time employees with an average monthly spend of $341,000. To further demonstrate the strength of the relationship and the synergies of the companies, Quarry Mining and Centennial Coal together support various community initiatives. In particular that of the Westpac Rescue Helicopter Service whereby Quarry Mining provides a drill bit (the Angel Bit) used in high volumes to all underground mines that contributes approximately $25,000 per year back to the helicopter service. Centennial Coal's support of this product makes that ongoing donation achievable.