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Submission for: Angus Place Extension Project.


Stop Coal Seam Gas Blue Mountains

Springwood, New South Wales


Dear Sir or Madam,

I am making this submission on behalf of Stop Coal Seam Gas Blue Mountains, a community group with approximately 450 members concerned about the effects of CSG and coal mining on the natural environment.

We object to the Angus Place Mine Extension Project for the following reasons:

- Important terrestrial and stream environments in this significant part of the Gardens of Stone region must not be damaged by longwall mining but protected in a state conservation area.

- The Angus Place and the adjoining Springvale mine extension proposals must be subject to a Planning Assessment Commission review with concurrent Public Hearings.

- Centennial Coal must not be allowed to simply replicate the damage it has already caused to nationally threatened upland swamps on the Newnes Plateau for which it was required by the Commonwealth Government to pay $1.45 million in reparations.

- The sandstone strata supporting the 22 nationally endangered swamps, including the 7 shrub swamps must not be fractured.

- The proposed clearing of 14 hectares of forest for an additional ventilation facility is excessive and its proposed location close to the Wolgan River is unacceptable.

- The proposed discharge of up to 43.8ML/day of eco-toxic mine effluent must be treated using reverse osmosis technology to remove all metals and salts before discharge to the Coxs River.

- Carne Creek is currently in a pristine state, and its waters that flow through the Greater Blue Mountains World Heritage Area are of the highest standard. This creek must not run bright orange, just like the Wolgan River after Centennial Coal wrecked it.

- Please require Centennial to revise this proposal to improve environmental outcomes. Carne Creek, pagodas, cliffs and the many nationally endangered swamps that the current proposal puts at risk must not be damaged.

Yours sincerely,

J. O'Leary
for Stop Coal Seam Gas Blue Mountains