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Submission for: MOD 1 - Removing Turbines & Increase Turbine Dimensions


Nimmitabel Chamber of Commerce

Nimmitabel, New South Wales


The Nimmitabel Chamber of Commerce (NCC) objects to the proposed changes to this development on the grounds that the impacts of the increased sized turbines will be extremely detrimental to the environment, to those living within sight and hearing distance of the turbines, and to the beauty of the local landscape and its value as a tourist attraction in this region. We feel the project managers have been misleading in their presentation of the proposed changes, which may have confused or even deceived some of the affected parties with regard to the true impacts these changes will have. The use of not to scale diagrams, comparisons against non-existent (within this
environment) benchmarks, and the withholding of information until very late in the process are all designed to confuse and obstruct affected residents and stakeholders from making decisions and comments about the impacts of these proposed changes. An increase in height of 65 metres is difficult to visualise and understand, but it is an enormous amount of machinery just on its own, let alone as an addition to something which is already enormous. The impacts to the environment of the extra height, and larger turbine head, must be different from the impacts that were detailed in Environmental Impact studies done based on the original proposal. Further to the environmental impacts, the extra size makes each turbine more visually impactful on the landscape - a landscape which has been a very large draw card for tourism in this area. Even further, the extra size must have an impact on light aircraft traffic in the area - air traffic that is crucial to bush fire management and to emergency medical responses, as well as for transport and recreation. The NCC feels that the increased size renders any impact studies done for the original proposal as meaningless. For these reasons we feel the proposed changes should not be allowed.