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Submission for: Eastlakes Shopping Centre Upgrade


Name Withheld

Eastlakes, New South Wales


1. With Racecourse Place being used by so many heavy vehicles coming to & going from the construction site, I submit that the 301 &303 buses be diverted from there during this time.

From the city, the 301s could use Maloney Street, Evans Avenue & Florence Avenue. The 303s could use Gardeners Road, Maloney Street, Evans Avenue, Florence Avenue & back to Maloney Street via Grafton & George Streets.

2. In the past, the State Government has resumed private properties when they have been in the way of major projects, eg the M5 Motorway.

Surely it could do so again with No 1 Racecourse Place. An offer of a new unit of similar size in the redevelopment of the south side of Evans Avenue, with paid removal expenses for each owner (or tenant,) would surely be fair compensation.

Then the building could be demolished, the road widened & a new 5 or 6 storey block could be built on the remaining portion of the site.