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Submission for: Eastlakes Shopping Centre Upgrade


Name Withheld

Malabar, New South Wales


Dear Sir./madam,
I am the owner of uint 12/18 Evans Ave, Eastlake NSW 2018. Our property is just adjact to the car park. It was shocking to see the closeness of the multistorey buildings next to the fence of our building on the plans. There is a booster pump to draw rain water and waste water from the the roofs and apartments of the whole redevelopment on both sides of the Evans Avenue next to our car park in the back of the building just outside our fence. I am not sure if this booster pump will make noise as there is a massive water holding tank designed to be next to our fence. The extra traffic, congestion, loss of sunlight, fresh air, new building's shadows on our building are of major concerns.

I am sumitting my strongest objection re the above development plan here, and request to call a formal meeting with the owners of 18 Evans Ave, Eastlake and other nearby residents.
Your sincerely
Ruiping Zou (mobile no: 0408160088)