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Submission for: Kariong Sand and Soil Supplies Facility


Jaap Timmer

Yarramalong, New South Wales


So sad to see that waste is still dumped! It is so backward. Wouldn't it
be great if no household waste was wasted? If each and every item of
refuse was turned into something else - new products, raw materials,
gas or at least heat? Why can't we do it here in NSW? Most European
countries have been moving in that direction for decades. Nowadays,
the bulk of all household waste is recycled in one way or another.
Their recycling stations are often quite close residential areas! So
no need for trucking stuff from Sydney to some obscure spot in
Somersby! Most people in Europe separate all recyclable waste in their
homes and deposit it in special containers in their block of flats or
drop it off at a recycling station. Do councils around here even care
to deposit less in rubbish dumps?