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Submission for: Kariong Sand and Soil Supplies Facility


Hannah Cheetham

Tighes Hill, New South Wales


The biodiversity assessment within the EIS includes a biodiversity
assessment report undertaken according to the FBA. This report details
that the site contains a resident population of Pygmy Possum.

Inadequate offset credits for this species have been detailed within
the biodiversity report, i.e. species polygon has been restricted to
PCT 1783_Mod_Good however the entire site (excluding cleared areas)
does contain adequate foraging and refuge resources for this species,
thus the species polygon should be extended to cover all areas of
suitable habitat.

In addition no efforts to avoid or minimize impacts to this resident
species have been detailed within the report. Offsetting is a
compensation measure only, it does not offer avoidance or amelioration
of impacts to species. Unless adequate measures to avoid impacts to
this species are explored and discussed in detail in accordance with
the avoid, minimize and offset hierarchy it is of my opinion that this
project should not be approved