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Submission for: Kariong Sand and Soil Supplies Facility


Stephanie Dale

Somersby, New South Wales


I and my family are vehemently opposed to this project fo the following
Airborne DEADLY Silicosis dust in the air and drinking water supplies
/ tanks, affecting schools, families & businesses.

Destruction of the local peaceful wildlife, their habitats and their
food source (Birds / Owls / Wallabies / Possums)

Destruction of 1.5 hectares of the Endangered Eastern Pygmy-Possum

Over 200+ Trucks per day (Running 24/7) carrying and offloading
40tonne loads (Roughly one truck every 5 mins) causing offensive
noise, dust and vibration to local businesses and bordering
residential properties.

Ongoing Crushing of Concrete & Industrial waste meters from family
homes and businesses.

Offensive smell to the local community caused due to stockpiling of
industrial waste.

The Waste will generate leaching which will contaminate surrounding
soils, groundwater and surface bodies.

Contaminated Stormwater would travel straight into the neighbourhoods
front yards, down into West Gosford.

The Development is out of character of the surrounding zoned rural
residential and scenic protected blocks

The buildings would be a visual eyesore to the current forest

Reduced air quality to the children and teachers of Kariong High
School, Riding for the Disabled Association, events run at Mt. Penang
Gardens, Frank Baxter Juvenile Justice Centre and people of West
Gosford and Gosford

Potential risk of asbestos in the air due to unknown industrial waste
being crushed.

Potential destruction of common occurring Aboriginal artifacts in the
immediate area