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Submission for: Kariong Sand and Soil Supplies Facility


The Party Hire Company

SOMERSBY, New South Wales


We are a wedding and event hire business situated on Gindurra Road. We
are very concerned about this submission, for a number of reasons:

1/ The dust and debris that will be in the air from the recycling
processes will be dangerous to ourselves and our employees making our
workplace unsafe.

2/ The above dust will cover our products and make them difficult to
keep clean. We are a business that serves the wedding industry and the
quality of our product is paramount.

3/ The amount of trucks that will be using Gindurra Road and
surrounding roads will increase dramatically making the roadway busy
and unsafe. We have many customers visit our showroom and we want them
to feel safe driving on our roads and also that the air is clean here.

4/ Our vehicles utilise the F1 freeway constantly. Already the lights
leading onto the access road from Wisemans Ferry Road to the the
southbound Freeway are constantly backed up and a vehicle can wait for
a number of lights changes just to gain access to the Freeway. We
believe this situation would be increased dramatically if there are
constant truck activity to the site.

5/ We are part of the Gindurra Park Wedding and Event Centre, there
are many wedding businesses here that are clean businesses. Ours is a
clean business, we located to Somersby because of this. At the time
our buildings were built Gosford Council was very strict as per the
type of building and businesses that could be erected here. They
promoted a new area for small business the relocate, one that was safe
and clean for all kinds of businesses.

6/ Somersby has a number of green areas that house plants and animals
that are only found in this area of Australia. Somersby Saltbush and
various frog species. We believe these will be detrimentally damaged.

7/ Waterways around the area will be compromised.

Surely there is a better area for this type of enterprise to take
place, one that is not near clean businesses and private dwellings. We
cannot believe that Gosford Council would agree to this type of
development when other developments have been made to jump through
hoops to protect the local environment and promise a clean workplace
for local businesses.