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Submission for: Snowy 2.0 - Segment Factory


Name Withheld

Cooma, New South Wales


The article appearing in Monaro Post Wednesday October 23 2019 has my concern on number of areas particularly in its effect on the existing traffic up Sharp Street Cooma
The number of Pantex, semi trailers,logging trucks, cement trucks Tourist busses, caravans, tandem trucks, stock trucks, workers trucks and vehicles and that is when it is not the peak snowing season
I have nearly run over with a lady with 2 children because of the need for vehicles to get through Sharp Street as quickly as possible
I believe with the extra trucks stated in the article in the Monaro Post will more than aggravate the situation for locals and tourists alone
Cooma is growing and will grow some more as the Snowy 2 project gets under way and more people want to cross Sharp Street in their daily shopping or tourist enquiries
May I suggest that an alternative for the trucks to get to Adaminaby and return to Polo Flat would be as follows
Polo Flat to the Monaro Highway, turn right to head north to Billiligra road which is between Cooma and Bredbo
Monaro Highway up an upgraded road Lets say a NSW CLASSIFIED road to Shannons Flat road, turn right to BOBEYAN ROAD turn left and travel to Adaminaby
Media release from John Barilaro MP on 18 June Key election commitments
$20 M to seal Bobeyan Road to Adaminaby
$17.5 M to seal and reseal Shannons Flat road one of 8 core roads
This leaves the Bobeyan road as the missing like between the Monaro Highway and Shannons Flat and on to Adaminaby
The advantages are that it will not add to the excess traffic through Sharp Street
It a to and fro route for the trucks to travel for the 5 years it is needed
It is through a farming community which initially might object,BUT when they realise they have a real good exit when there fire in the area like the Murrumbucca 2014 fire they can get out quickly
Also trucks alone after the Polo Flat trucks no longer need the access the trucks that want to travel to Canberra from the other side if the mountains do not have to go through Sharp Street Cooma
I am aware it would take a commitment by the Local member John Barilaro Mp to support the upgrade and the NSW Gov. the possibly finance the project
But it give second alternative route when there are accidents, fires between Bredbo and Cooma
At the moment the alternative is Bredbo, Jerangle Peak View and Numeralla roads for cars, buses and trucks to get to Cooma or Cooma to Bredbo, ALL CLASSIFIED ROADS
Could you review this as a positive solution that people will not view Snowy Hydro is putting TRUCKS before PEOPLE in what is an good and major project