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Submission for: Coffs Harbour Cultural and Civic Space


Brett Cruickshank

SAWTELL, New South Wales


The Coffs Harbour Community are extremely upset with the Proposal of spending north of $75 million dollars on a new Council chambers/Library/Art Gallery.
The town can not afford the proposal.
The current council chambers can be renovated and built up another level if required. This was planned for.
If new spaces are needed for the Library and Art Gallery then lets look at that.
Borrowing $75 million and plunging our Beautiful city into debt is bad decision making and a weight on everyones shoulders for the next generation trying to pay it off instead of putting money into smart infrastructure.
Especially when many other vital needs are yet to be addressed.
Big issues for the town including Car Parking. There needs to be multi level parking constructed on the council carpark in Gordon Street or a similar site.
Pedestrian pathways throughout the city. Damaged in many areas or non existant. Council currently paints a yellow mark on pathways to warn of protruding reo and large cracks and drops. Is this safe??
All options must be considered. Time should be taken to do it right.
Brett Cruickshank