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Submission for: Coffs Harbour Cultural and Civic Space


Name Withheld

COFFS HARBOUR, New South Wales


Council is to be congratulated for proposing to provide such a key piece of community infrastructure in the Coffs Harbour CBD. The CBD should be the epicentre of our community with cultural spaces Library / Musuems / Art Gallery. There are those in our community who would prefer our city to be fractured by multiple spaces spread over a large distance. The fact is the CBD provides the best source of public transport, restaurants and public amenities to allow the proposed development to be fully utilised by the community. Subject to council being able to bring the project in on budget, realise the expected asset sale prices the council's cash flow will easily cover the required borrowing amounts. To do nothing is not an option. The vibrancy and future of the CBD and therefore Coffs Harbour is dependant on this project getting consent and being built.