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Submission for: Coffs Harbour Cultural and Civic Space


Name Withheld

URUNGA, New South Wales


The proposed building it too costly and will have cost blowouts one only has to look at the building to see that. A simplier design is essential, one that maximises the use of building area, making construction easier is in terms of waterproofing and maintenance etc. A much more utilitarian building is appropriate and can still have architectural features similar to the building now proposed in some sections of the building if so desired. I don't understand and object to having a fully architectural frontage on the building onto Riding Lane, wasted money completely as very limited advantage to enjoy it being a narrow and dark lane close to a large car park.It is essential to have a firm grasp on costs before starting the building, before approving it, this is rate payers money and it is very important to not waste it. Money can then be available to commission local artists to have installed permanent art works both inside and outside.