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Submission for: Coffs Harbour Cultural and Civic Space


Name Withheld

BOAMBEE EAST, New South Wales


I fully support the development of the Cultural and Civic Space building on Gordon Street in the heart of Coffs Harbour. The project has the potential to revitalise our community and CBD while also expanding the imaginations of our community through the provision of educational, arts and cultural experiences.
The plan fits the space well and is in line with other development that has been occurring in the CDB such as the Gowings Development, Cex Coffs refurbishment and the building of the NSW Forestry and related state government services offices. This is the appropriate site for such a significant community development.
The colocation of many other community facilities such as the swimming pool, sporting fields, botanic garden, along with the shopping precinct and city square make it the ideal location.
The building has taken into account environmental considerations and extensive community consultation has been undertaken, including with the local Aboriginal community who have helped to inform the design.
Coffs Harbour residents and visitors deserve facilities as good as those that exist in our counties major cities. Our children deserve the opportunity to be able to expand their minds, creativity and aspirations, and we as their elders need to show leadership and path the way for them to dream bigger.
Please approve this application and help to bring Coffs Harbour and it's residents into the future.