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Submission for: Coffs Harbour Cultural and Civic Space


Jim Phipps

BONVILLE, New South Wales


Coffs Harbour already has all of the elements of the proposed "Cultural and Civic Space", and does not need to waste $76M to give our local councillors nice new offices. The money could be far better spent on much needed infrastructure: Extending the southern breakwater to prevent the constant filling of the harbour with sediment; Developing Jordan Esplanade to create a tourist precinct that rivals other coastal ports such as Port Macquarie, Townsville and Cairns: Build a multi-use indoor sports complex to accommodate gymsports, footsall, etc and attract national and international competition; to name a few.
A properly designed extension of the southern breakwater could save millions of dollars in dredging costs and open the harbour to additional uses such as small cruise ships and various water sports.
Developing the eastern side of Jordan Esplanade with extensions of the boardwalk (the current 'development' is a meagre start at best), play grounds, bbq areas, a safe water park for children and better beach accsess would enhance the area for locals and visitors. Compliment that with low-rise shops, cafes and restaurants along the western side of the Esplanade, perhaps with accommodation above and the pricint will come to life.
Spotz Central is a good indoor facility for court sports such as basketball, but there is a need to cater better for gymsports with state of the art equipment that can promote higher level competition and a wider range of disciplines. Other indoor sports could benefit also.
I believe any one of these developments would be a much better use of the proposed funds than what is currently on the table.