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Submission for: Coffs Harbour Cultural and Civic Space


Name Withheld

COFFS HARBOUR, New South Wales


This project does not have the support of the majority of Local Coffs Harbour Residents. The whole process has been flawed and underhanded. Why is the mayor pushing this through without the backing of local rate payers. Surely until investigated this needs to be put on hold. The cost is astronomical to the Coffs Harbour rate payers and the fact that the new centre does not even have a civic centre is ludicrous, a civic centre is much needed in Coffs Harbour and this is what a majority of people thought this new building had. It appears to me that the mayor and general manager just want a fancy new office at the expense of the rate payers. The location is inappropriate, lack of parking and unattractive surroundings. This building will do nothing to re generate or bring more people into the suffering town centre. So many things that Coffs Harbour needs before this new Council Chamber.