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Submission for: Coffs Harbour Cultural and Civic Space


roger tindale

BOAMBEE EAST, New South Wales


The proposed Cultural and Civic Space Development is not supported by the populous of Coffs Harbour (a 15,000 strong petition to that effect has been tabled in NSW Parliament). The proposed Space is located on a restricted site (ie no room for future growth), does not include a performing arts centre (something Coffs residents are wanting), includes a grandiose new Council Chambers (something Coffs doesn't need and which the Coffs people are not willing to fund), is far too expensive for what it is, and relies on the sale of Council (public) assets to fund it. Council also has a DA in for the demolition of buildings on the proposed construction site (DA0199/20DA) and is looking to get that process started so as to facilitate a fait accompli . The demolition DA 0199/20DA should also be stopped in its tracks. There is a Council election due in September 2020 and we believe the best course of action is to halt any further progression of the Cultural and Civic Space (ie turn down SSD -10300 and also turn down DA0199/20DA) so that the issue of the Cultural and Civic Space can then become an election issue where candidates can state their position on the proposal and Coffs Harbour residents can then vote for candidates whose position, for or against, they support. So, I call upon Planning NSW to reject SSD-10300 and DA0199/20DA and to instruct Coffs Council that these DAs, or any similar ones, will not be reconsidered prior to the 2020 elections.