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Submission for: The new Sydney Fish Market - Concept and Stage 1


Stevan Pejic

PYRMONT, New South Wales


A request to provide clarity as to what will be happening with the existing fish market upon completion of the new project.
Upon submission of the funding business case to NSW Treasury, will the project be funded from the potential sale of land encompassing the fish markets which is currently owned by Government Property, namely;
LOT 2/DO126720, LOT 1/DP74155, LOT 1/DP 835351, LOT 1/DP734622, LOT 2/827434 ( please refer to attached screenshot)
If so, I strongly object for any residential, hotel or any type future accommodation development to occur on the aforementioned lots.
My suggestion is for these lands be handed over City of Sydney Council and rezoned E2 or E3 as a Environmental protection or management zone.