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Submission for: The new Sydney Fish Market - Concept and Stage 1


Patrick Medley

BIRCHGROVE, New South Wales


The tragedy is that we have probably the best harbour in the world, but that the opportunity for recreational boat users to actually use the harbour, beyond motoring or sailing around it, are very limited. We have very few places in Sydney where boat owners can tie up at the foreshore and enjoy a meal or a drink at foreshore facilities and even make a day of it. Please do not repeat this mistake in the redesign of the Fish Markets - make sure there are plenty of wharf areas and foreshore where boats can tie up for a duration and enjoy the markets. This not only brings more customers to the Markets, but also creates a true nautical atmosphere. Just look at so many towns and cities in Europe where boats can moor up in the centre and enjoy the local attractions, at the same time as creating an attraction in themselves.