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Submission for: The new Sydney Fish Market - Concept and Stage 1


Mirko Gozzo

PYRMONT, New South Wales


Dear NSW Governament,
I'm writing to show my support to the redevelopment of the fish market; this will greatly improve the quality of the bay area and make Pyrmont a even more attractive place to live.
With no doubts I think in the long term this project will be beneficial but today I'd like to write about the short term pains and in particular about traffic.
As someone living in Pyrmont who regularly uses the Anzac bridge to go to Five Dock, Haberfield, Leichhard and Stratfield I can share how painful is to "get out" of Pyrmont.
As you can see in the drawing I made, there are several flows that all lead to the Anzac bridge. The most painful I believe it's the one coming from Harris Street because you need to cross the road and 9 out of 10, if you don't go when the light has just gone red, you cannot cross that intersection (number 1 on the map)
The second big flow is coming from Wattle Street. All the city South traffic is going through there (number 2 on the map)
Bridge Road is pretty quiet to be honest and I fear that this redevelopment will bring loads of trucks and car on a already stressed road. (number 3)
I don't know if that's something you can do but perhaps having a deeper look at the flow of Pyrmont and the Anzac bridge to see if there is anything that can be done to easy the traffic would be awesome. Also, I would recommend to "force" truck working on the New Fish market to avoid the Anzac Bridge and use the Paramatta Road side through Bridge Road.
All the best and well done!
Mirko Gozzo