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Submission for: The new Sydney Fish Market - Concept and Stage 1


A group of concerned owners and residents

GLEBE, New South Wales


I represent the owners/residents of units 2-8, 83 Darghan street, and the owners and residents of 104 Darghan street.

We support the Development Application for a new Fish Market at Glebe in general.

However, the EIS fails to consider the impact of a loss of view and the consequential loss of asset value for the above residents.

In particular, the 'Western corridor view' does not consider the significant impact of the proposed development at a height of RL 25 on the much larger footprint of the new fish market building.

The EIS is misleading in portraying a 3 storey building when in fact the height of the proposed development is more typical of a 6-7 storey building.

It is also worth noting the LEP in this western region has a maximum height of 15m above ground level and this proposal exceeds the LEP in the western corner by almost 10m (recognising that the development is not strictly bound by the LEP but should still consider this).

We acknowledge that the existing Hanson concrete structure is RL 30 - but it is a very much smaller footprint than the much larger proposed fish market building.

In summary we request:
1. That the development take into account the significant loss of view on the western corridor imposed on a number of residents.
2. The final building proposal eliminates any loss of view from the residents in the western corridor.