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Submission for: The new Sydney Fish Market - Concept and Stage 1


Name Withheld

BALMAIN, New South Wales


The proposal should be re-notified with a correct description of the proposal and its site.
The applicant erroneously described the project as a "New Sydney Fish Market'. This implies that its program is similar to that of the current 'Sydney Fish Market'. It is not. The current Sydney Fish Market is for the most part a seafood wholesale and distribution facility, with a minority of area used for the retail of seafood, tourist facilities. The proposal is a new retail outlet with a minority of area used for the wholesale and distribution of seafood.
Further, the applicant describes the land on which the development application relates as comprising Lots 3 -5 in DP 1064339, part of Lot 107 in DP 1076596, part of Lot 1 inDP835794, part of Lot 3 in DP1018801 and Bridge Road and its intersections with Wattle Street and Wentworth Park Road. The applicant does not include in this description the proposed reclamation of Sydney Harbour's Blackwattle Bay.