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Submission for: The new Sydney Fish Market - Concept and Stage 1


Name Withheld

Glebe, New South Wales


I would like to see that you have sufficiently considered traffic management, as the new Fish Market will bring a LOT of new cars into the area. Already a roundabout or traffic lights are vital at the juncture of Wentworth Park Road and St John's Road; these have been needed for 20 years. It's only due to the great good sense and care of drivers that there are not a lot of accidents there.
Secondly, I would like to see details of the landscaping of Blackwattle Bay and Bridge Road. Bridge Road carries a huge amount of traffic and cannot be closed off. One or more pedestrian bridges would be the answer.
Thirdly, the ferry servicing the Fish Market should be fully integrated with other ferry services and with the Opal card system. The present trial is barely satisfactory. The ferry should have a regular timetable - if you want to add on-demand, that's fine, but does not replace the usefulness of a regular service.