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Submission for: The new Sydney Fish Market - Concept and Stage 1


Name Withheld

ULTIMO, New South Wales


Dear Honourable Decision Makers,
As a long time local resident in the Ultimo-Pyrmont Precinct, I have seen the local area evolving over the last three decades. I am reasonably in favour of this wonderful major initiative - The New Sydney Fish Market. To minimise any forth coming less positive projected 10/30 years traffic growth scenarios of congestions concerns in the local area, including its proposed frontage roads, and other local roads such as Wattle / Jones St / Wentworth Rd / William Henry St / Bay St, objectively, it would be highly encouraging for a condition in the proposed development approval ( Stages 1 & 2 ) to ensure a suitably qualified Traffic Impacts Assessment Report, covering SIDRA traffic modelling of selected local road intersections are carried out, with realistic population/traffic growth projections of 10 or more years, to minimise any potential traffic congestion/s in the local area - in particular, access and road safety matters. During peak periods, Bridge Rd / Wattle / Wentworth Rd / William Henry St / Bay Street, Pyrmont-Ultimo, are routinely congested - bumper to bumper, and with appropriate local intersections upgrades, it would likely achieve reasonable positive outcomes, et al. Thank you in anticipation. Good work !