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Submission for: The new Sydney Fish Market - Concept and Stage 1



SYDNEY, New South Wales


• The SFM brand is associated with being a credible and reliable source of unique and high-quality seafood, with the brand and reputational goodwill contributing to an estimated 16 % of total retail revenue.
• The NSW Government has emphasised the importance of the NSW commercial fishng industry and has a vision of SFM taking up the role as the industry’s hub as well as the public’s window into the industry. As the foremost public representation and exhibition space for the NSW seafood industry, the new SFM will provide greatly improved visibility of the industry to the community. The expanded facilities of the new SFM will serve as the focal point for the NSW seafood industry.
• Visibility will literally be increased through the open design of the new facility. Visitors will be able to obtain a close-up firsthand view of operations at the premier seafood industry facility in NSW.
• The increase in international visitor numbers will serve to heighten awareness and raise the profile of Australian seafood on a global scale. Much as the Sydney Royal Easter Show is a showcase for Australian agriculture and livestock, the new Sydney Fish Market will similarly be an international showcase for Australian seafood. The presentation of the product in a world-class and industry-leading facility will serve to significantly raise the profile and prestige of both industry and product.
• Education will be a primary offering of the new SFM. In addition to expanded facilities for the Sydney Seafood School, interactive educational initiatives at the new SFM will encourage public interest and raise the profile of the local product.
• Educational initiatives will provide opportunities for the public to learn about the history of the industry and the sustainability and provenance of the seafood products.