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Submission for: Quorn Park Solar Farm


Barbara Weaver

Parkes, New South Wales


Good Morning
I am raising some objections to the proposed Solar Farm development called Quorn Park.
1. This development is on prime agricultural land. It has been farmed and run livestock successfully for many generations.
2. Several farms in the same area have been developed as solar farms. the present substation is at capacity. This development would entail some sort of battery storage which is an environmental hazard.
3. The development would have a visual impact on my property. From what I have read in the development application no remedial work to overcome this is planned.
4. The land value of my property, being prime agricultural land, will be reduced. My property is part of a larger one which has been farmed from original settlement.
5. At present we hold a public liability policy for 20 million dollars which is deemed appropriate for the size and location of the property at 762 Condobolin Rd.
With a development worth a number of million pounds almost adjacent to the property the insurer may be unwilling to take the risk and may not be able to offer any public liability insurance for farming operations on the property at all.
6. The property at 762 Condobolin Rd is adjacent to the Parkes Activation Hub. It would be considered ideal for the production of crops and livestock for processing at facilities at the Activation Hub.
A proper environmental assessment needs to be undertaken by the NSW Planning Office before any further consideration of this development.
Barbara Weaver