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Submission for: Redevelopment of Greenwich Hospital (Concept)


Name Withheld

Northwood, New South Wales


I object to the Greenwich Hospital redevelopment for three reasons:

1. Seven storey hire rise residential apartment blocks are not a health services facility and cannot be regarded as incidental to the health facility. They should not be included in the development.

2. The existing traffic on River Road is extremely heavy during peak times and this development will exacerbate this traffic congestion. There are no shops within walking distance and no convenient public transport options for those living in or visiting the seniors accommodation. The nearby buses only have a limited service outside peak hours. Any residents and their visitors will be reliant upon their cars. The existing traffic already makes it hazardous to exit to and from Northwood Road on to River Road.

3. This development will have a significant adverse visual impact on the bushland amenity of Gore Creek Reserve for those accessing and surrounding the reserve.