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Submission for: Redevelopment of Greenwich Hospital (Concept)


Leo Quintana

NORTHWOOD, New South Wales


Dear Madam/Sir,

RE: Redevelopment of Greenwich Hospital (Revised Plans)

I am writing to express my strong objection to the revised plans submitted by HammondCare for the redevelopment of Greenwich Hospital.

Whilst there is merit in updating the Hospital to ensure that quality health care can be provided to residents of the Lower North Shore the revised plans are fundamentally inappropriate on the following grounds:

1. The scale and bulk of the Plans are excessive and are completely at odds with the character of the area, which is defined by low density residential development.

2. The proposed development's visual impact as viewed from the Northwood peninsula will be unreasonably high. The visual dominance of the revised height of the towers is materially incongruent with an area that is uniquely characterised by its leafy aspects and harbour views.

3. The scale of the proposed development is well in excess of what River Road can handle particularity in the morning and afternoon and evening peaks. Additionally, the increased traffic flows will pose an unacceptable safety risk to students of the adjacent Greenwich Public School.

Yours faithfully,

Leo Quintana