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Submission for: Redevelopment of Greenwich Hospital (Concept)


Name Withheld

NORTHWOOD, New South Wales


1. The use of health zoned land for the development of 2 large 7 storey residential towers as a commercial investment is contrary to zoning.
2. The bulk and scale of development will have a terrible impact visually on Northwood, Gore Creek, River Road and the bushland.
3. Massive traffic increase on an already busy River Road particularly during school zone times.
4.Removal of trees to the west and south , damage to bushland in what is a beautiful habitat.
5. Seniors living in land zoned for health use, how does this work ?
6. Massive unit development in Lane Cove over the last 5 years has created massive traffic problems particularly during peak hours.
7. Will destroy the bushland beauty and sense of living space that currently exists along River Rd.